Come out and rock with

'85 Chicago Bears players


About Us


Bear Down For A Night of Fun!

A couple former Chicago Bear Super Bowl Boys who can REALLY SING!! Playing some good, fun music: Motown, Classic Rock, Country, parodies of popular hit songs and more!  In addition, you'll hear inside stories about their days with da Bears!! 


Getting the Band Back Together

Former Chicago Bear Dan Hampton has put the band back together and is partnering with his former Super Bowl teammate Steve McMichael for a revival of the Chicago 6 Band - a band originally formed out of the free time created by the 1987 NFL strike.


Chicago 6 Band Members: 

Dan Hampton                 John McFarland

Steve McMichael             Matt Kammerer

    Ed Kammerer                            Jim Hood    


Always A Good Party Going On

When they're not talkin' football, they're playing tunes! Join the Chicago 6 band for great live local music.  See the EVENTS section of the website for scheduled performances.  If you thought these Superbowl champions kicked butt on the field, wait until you see them rock on stage!!   


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